»Praise and Glory to God« (engelska)

Redaktör: Anna Minara Ciardi

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»Praise and Glory to God« –The Catholic Diocese of Stockholm in a New Millennium

»Praise and Glory to God« (In laudem gloriæ) was the motto chosen by Carmelite Anders Arborelius when, in 1998, he was appointed Bishop of Stockholm, an independent Roman Catholic diocese since 1953, by Pope John Paul II. Another quarter of a century has passed, with many memorable events within our diocese and in the Catholic Church as a whole. The number of members of our diocese has increased steadily, new parishes have been founded, new churches have been consecrated, our bishop is now a cardinal, ecumenical and interreligious relations have deepened, new priests, deacons, and sisters and brothers in religious orders have been welcomed, a Catholic college has been established and new liturgical books have been put into use.

The purpose of this book is to highlight and celebrate the diversity of the people who, in various positions and assignments, belong to and live and work within the Catholic Church in Sweden, with an emphasis on the past 25 years.

Hardcover, illustrated, 160 pages.